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Well, we like to call ourself as Team Exodus for we facilitate Permanent life long visa to relocate to different countries along with your family if keen.  This process or visa is called Immigration Visa.

How does It work?

Few countries like Canada, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand etc have been offering Permanent Residency visa or to put most  simply Citizenship in their country due to no of factors besides shortage of skilled professionals in their country.

Two Types of Permanent Residency

  • Skilled based  | Based on your qualification and experience | Most Popular
  • Investor Category | Say you buy a petrol pump worth 2.5 crores in white in Canada.

Skilled based

Moving further to keep the entire conversation most simple for you to understand. Lets us take an example that you understand. Say you

  • Hold Bachelors in Computers or Information Technology or any other Degree.
  • In addition,  it has 2 Years of related of IT experience Minimum
  • Has decent english language command.
  • Commercials vary from say 1 to 5 Lacs Indian Rupees.
  • Cost Varies from one country to another.

Investor Category Visa

  • It is based on say an investment of Rs. 2-3-4 Crores  depending on country as explained above.
  • So, let’s say you buy a grocery store and employ local people. .

Process of Skilled Visa Category.

  • So, it is like maths and one has to get certain total point to qualify.
  • For example for your bachelors there are points
  • For Experience there are points
  • Then your age has points.
  • Finally there are point from english test score that you will do like IELTS, PTE.
  • So, once you are ready collecting all documents to get your points.

Application is made with above said documents and then it is sent for processing to the respective Visa office.

Visa Processing Time?

  • 6 to 12 months of processing time varies from one country to another.

What you get?

Post 6 to 12 month Immigration Department of the country contact to and says your Immigration is done. Your Indian passport is stamped and returned back with a stamp.

Now you are Permanent Residency for remainder life of that country. In USA it is called as Green Card.

Can I take my Family Along?

Yes, if you included your wife and children name they also get same visa and can travel and live with you as dependents for rest of their life.

So, how do start?

Please fill the form and send your and your spouse’s CV.

If you have any clarification or queries please do not hesitate to connect with us  any time.

I look forward to assisting you in getting new home address in Canada, Australia etc.

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